Artificial grass installation is a pretty quick and easy task. Artificial grass panels can be easily separated and reattached in any shape or size you can think of. Although artificial grass installation depends on the surface in detail, in most cases a pair of scissors, zip or cable ties, a drill, and a hammer is enough to get the job done within a few minutes. Probably it is easier than you think.

Artificial grass installation is possible on a wire fence, brick/ concrete/ stone walls, metal fence, or wooden walls. As an example, artificial grass installation on wire or mesh fence is explained below so that you have an idea of the process.

How To Install Artificial Grass On A Wire Or Mesh Fence?

Prepare zip/ cable ties and scissors beforehand. First, measure how much artificial grass wall you are going to need. Since you already have a wire or mesh fence around your garden, you don’t need any other thing to support the panels. Therefore, it is easy to measure and decide on the amount of artificial grass. If you have any questions or concerns, you can directly call us for information.

It is time to reconsider the shape and size of the artificial grass panel. Seeing your fence and grass panel together, you may want to reshape or resize your panel. You can snip and cut the panel into the exact measurements by using a pair of scissors. Using zip or cable ties, you can attach the resized or reshaped panels to each other. Sometimes, you don’t need this last-minute reshaping, but you might want to give an odd shape to your artificial grass wall.

Now you have artificial grass wall panels cut down to the exact sizes. You can start to attach your panels to the mesh or wire fence. You can attach the panels to the fence by zipping them at the bottom, top, and through the midbody so that your artificial grass wall looks fit tight and more realistic.

You can easily do that by using your zip ties. When you finish attaching all the cable ties, go to the backside of the fence and pull the ties as tightly as possible and then snip the excess ties with your scissors. This is a very important step in artificial grass installation.

Want Ticker Artificial Grass Installation?

Normally, the task is over now. However, if you want to have a thicker hedge look around your grassy field, you can go through the same steps from the other side of the fence. Some people particularly like their fence thicker since it gives a full hedge look while hiding your cable ties better. Please be careful snipping the cable ties so that you do not cut the panel itself or pieces of artificial grass.

Finally, it is time to enjoy your garden with your family, friends, or neighbors. Just invite them to enjoy your garden and tell them how you have managed to have such a marvelous view proudly.

You can directly contact us for artificial grass installation in different settings.