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Discover Grasstik Today! It is more than you think

Start right now to create your amazing natural look, green and affordable privacy solutions.

Discover Grasstik Today!

Start right now your amazing natural look, green privacy solutions.

Grasstik Solutions - Think Green Live Green

What is Grasstik?

Grasstik is an extremely durable modern fence developed using artificial grass and galvanized wire, combining security and privacy with a natural look.

Thanks to its easy installation feature, it is possible to achieve an eye-catching and spacious view in a short time with this artificial grass wall. Contrary to the bleak appearance of the wire mesh, it provides an elegant appearance in restaurants, cafes, tennis courts, basketball courts, schools, terraces and so on.

What is Grasstik?
Grasstik Solutions - Think Green Live Green

Commercial Usage

The artificial grass chain link fence may be utilized in commercial areas such as companies, parks, schools, hospitals, military platforms, cafes, restaurants, lodges and apartment complexes, etc. It can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration by covering walls, fences, etc.

Using Grasstik, you can prevent places such as garbage can areas, storage zones, construction sites from being seen from the outside. While providing you with privacy, it also meets your security needs by being resistant to fire and other environmental effects.

Where to Use Grasstik?
Grasstik Solutions - Think Green Live Green

Residential Usage

The Grass Chain Link Fence is truly a high-end fencing system for residential buildings. It's probably the most handy and cost-effective fence barrier to be owned today. In addition to its easy installation, low maintenance requirement and affordability, grass chain-link fencing is also known for its durability and uninflammability.

Grasstik is undoubtedly the most cost-effective and reliable way when it comes to keeping your children safe, having your pets under control, and protecting your privacy and security from all kinds of external threats!

Grasstik Products
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Grasstik - Think Green Live Green


Grasstik will give you the privacy and security you need with a natural look.

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The Grasstik's strong material Grass Fence can make your life safer which can ensure the security of your home, garden, pool, workplace, school, etc. It acts as a barricade and prevents unwanted guests from entering or see through your property such as some insects, animals so on so forth.

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When it comes to privacy, Grass Wall meets your needs more than anything else. A wall of grass can make your space very private if you apply it around your school, pool, garden, etc. It creates barrier between you and the outside.

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Since the grass wall has a real grass look, its green color gives a natural feel to your place. It always keeps its natural look as it won't fade over time. It doesn't require an irrigation system like lawns or gardening. Therefore, after installation, there is no need to take care of this nature-friendly product.

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Who We Are

The Grasstik was established to produce artificial grass for homeowners, architects, engineers, and contractors.


What is Grasstik?

Grasstik is a synthetic grass chain link fence crafted from galvanized twine and artificial grass. It gives a natural look to the enviroment and provide privacy that you need.

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We have a large inventory of different sizes that you can choose based on the demand.



The grass will be greener on YOUR side of the fence.