As in many other households that work today, there are two options for you when it comes toinstalling synthetic turf. You will either search for “artificial turf installation near me” on the internet, or you will do it yourself. In this article, we explained installing synthetic turf. Before moving to the steps, let’s learn why installing synthetic turf is a good idea.

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Green Forever Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass, which has many advantages compared to natural grass, does not require any maintenance. It eliminates the maintenance cost. It saves tons of water and does not require cleaning, seeding, fertilization, irrigation, or irrigation system. Besides, it keeps giving a high performance for more than ten years.

How To Do It Yourself?

When it comes to installing synthetic turf, you should start with the area you will be laying. The flatness and smoothness of the ground are the key points here. If the ground on which you will apply the artificial turf is messy and damaged, you need to get it clean and smooth. You can also create a flat area by applying a thin concrete layer to get it done more practically, but soil ground is still fine if it is flat and smooth.

Whatever your ground (concrete, soil, or wood) is, you should make sure that there isn’t a single grain of dust. In this way, the artificial grass you will lay will fit in your garden perfectly and will remain smooth. After cleaning, you can start the application. Considering the area (garden, balcony, poolside… etc.), you will apply the artificial turf; you should get the base and the adhesives ready.

Remember that the artificial grass you will lay is a product that is laid like a carpet. However, you should still have a good plan about your drainage before applying it to the ground. If you think you do not have a really good experience in this, getting help from someone experienced and professional will ensure that the application is made in the most correct way.

The Steps of Installing Synthetic Turf

  1. Start with wiping the clean area with a piece of damp cloth.
  2. Apply the adhesive to the area delicately (the bonds are sent by the synthetic grass suppliers together with your synthetic grass). A perfectly applied adhesive job will ensure the best adhesion of the turf to the ground.
  3. Make sure that you apply the adhesive everywhere evenly and spread the thin layer in the form of carpet to the floor.
  4. Once you apply one roll of thin layer, open the evacuation channels of the carpet and cover the carpet roughly. At this point, you may need the assistance of a few people to stretch the turf carpet by holding the edges of it. Remember that you should create extremely tense and smooth-looking ground. If one roll of artificial turf grass is enough for you, then you are done with installing synthetic turf!
  5. If you plan to cover a larger area, probably you will need more than one roll. The good news is you have already learned how to do it. You will need to repeat the same procedure for other rolls. However, make sure that there is no gap between the two rolls on the floor. They also shouldn’t overlap each other.
  6. If you are done covering the whole area, proceed to the edge correction process in which the edges of the artificial turf are cut off with the help of a pair of scissors.
  7. Then, glue the carpets that you have laid next to each other with an industrial adhesive and wait for the glue to dry (24-48 hours).

That’s all! Now you are completely done with installing synthetic turf!

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