What is Grasstik?


is a synthetic grass chain link fence crafted from galvanized twine and artificial grass. It differs from normal chain link fences in security, privacy, and natural surroundings. Artificial Grass Wall due to the weaving layout that you cannot see through from either side. Privacy Fence shape of the fabric stays just like the first day for a long term and does now no longer put on out very quickly. READ MORE



When it comes to privacy, Grass Wall meets your needs more than anything else. Nowadays compacted town lifestyle doesn't allow it to be had, but don't worry that a wall of grass can make your space very private if you are only installing it around your school, pool, garden, business, etc. outside world. Privacy Fence creates barrier among you and the outside.



The Grass Fence can make your life safer which can ensure the security of your home, garden, pool, workplace, school, etc. It acts as a barricade and prevents unwanted guests from entering or see through your property. It can be easily increased the deterrent feature by setting the Grass Wall at any height and the length.



Since the grass wall has a real grass look, its green color adds a natural feel to it. It always keeps its natural look as it won't fade over time. It also reduces water consumption. It doesn't require an irrigation system like living lawns or gardening. Therefore, after installation, there is no need to take care that is nature-friendly.

Areas to Use

Privacy Fence

Residential Usage
The Grass Chain Link Fence is the high-quality system for residential houses for true reason. It’s possibly the handiest but most cost-efficient fencing barrier to be had today.
With its easy installation, low maintenance, and affordability, chain-link fencing is a not unusual place desire for privately very own residents. It is known for its durability, strength and gives the maximum low-cost manner to defend children, control pets, and defend your house from outside that offers the feel of protection and privacy.

commercial use area

Commercial Usage
The artificial chain link fence may be utilized in commercial areas such as companies, parks, schools, hospitals, military platforms, cafes, restaurants, lodges and apartment complexes, etc. Privacy Fence is produced from galvanized wires that have passed many quality tests. The acritical grass wall which you can be used for interior decoration that you can cover the walls, fences in any areas.
This way, you can get surroundings that you do not want to appear outdoor such as garbage bin area, storage locations, construction zones, etc. In addition, since it is resistant to fire and other environmental effects, it also meets your security needs, modern and aesthetic appearance. Areas to Use Gallery

Product Features

A few more reasons to choose the Grass Wall.

Washable Grass Wall
Flame Resistant Grass Wall
Easy installation Grass Wall
Security Privacy Fences
Aesthetic Grass Wall
Water Proof Privacy Fence

Who We Are?

The Grasstik was established less than a year ago. We are proud to say that the artificial grass chain link fence is a new invention for the homeowners, architects, engineers, and contractors throughout California and nationwide have come to depend on our breadth of experience and services.
We have a large inventory of different sizes that customers can choose based on the demand. We are open to DIY clients and people that need to use our contractor services. The artificial chain link fence is a high-quality fence that aesthetically changes the environment. Our eco-friendly company invested in the grass wall and saw the need and longing for green.
It works to create residential areas that look in touch with nature and provide the privacy and security people need. We make your dreams come true with artificial grass walls design ideas.

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