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Anthony Munoz
After searching around looking for a privacy fence, I came across Grass Wall USA. Their privacy fence is better than any standard faux ivy or screening, while providing thicker coverage. You also don’t have to worry about the faux leaves falling off. Very pleased with my purchase and installation was a breeze. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a privacy fence
Deborah Biedebach
I am so amazed at this product, and even more at the business owners. They were so kind, helpful and trustworthy. I have been searching online for other products to cover my chain-link fence for quite some time and I am so happy that I waited and went with this. It is perfect and it offers a lot more privacy than the other products. Amazing!
Thank you so much! They were very professional, hard working and very detailed. These guys were polite and they cleaned up the leftovers as well and made the outdoor area look AMAZING! I would definitely recommend them. Thanks again, I'm just amazed at how great everything looks.
Christine P
I had an amazing experience purchasing this wallgrass. My husband and I needed something to cover the ugly wire fence we had in the back, so this privacy fence served perfectly. Great quality and covers everything evenly. The owner John was great at giving us tips on how to install it properly. Would highly recommend!
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Where to use Grasstik mostly?

There are many possible areas you can use this product such as homes, gardens, play grounds, schools, hospitals, hotels, parks, patios etc. We can mainly devide areas of usage of grasstik into two main parts. One of them is commercial usage; and the other is residential usage.

Let's focus on both and see which fits for your need, because not only you can get benefit from grasstik for your residential area, but also your workplace, business or company to achieve an aesthetic look.

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