Privacy Fence Roll

What is a Privacy Fence Roll?

A Privacy Fence Roll is an ingenious solution for enhancing both security and aesthetic appeal in your outdoor spaces. Made from a combination of galvanized chain link fence and artificial grass, this fencing innovation provides the ideal fence privacy screen roll. The artificial grass material is washable, flame retardant, and equipped with UV protection, ensuring it remains fresh and vibrant for years. Forget the days of constant upkeep; with this product, maintenance is virtually nil.

Privacy fence rolls represent a revolutionary approach to outdoor privacy and aesthetics. These rolls are a blend of durability and beauty, designed to offer an efficient fence privacy solution that stands the test of time. Beyond security enhancements, they contribute significantly to the visual appeal of any space, encapsulating the essence of modern outdoor design. With their easy-to-maintain artificial grass and strong chain-link foundation, privacy fence rolls ensure a lush, green perimeter without the hassle of constant care. This innovative product is a testament to the balance between functionality and style, providing a seamless, attractive barrier that enhances both privacy and the overall look of your outdoor areas.

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Dimensions and Weight

When it comes to size options, our privacy fence rolls come in three varying heights: 4-ft tall privacy fence rolls, 6-ft tall privacy fence rolls, and 8-ft tall privacy fence rolls. Each roll is 32 feet long, and depending on the height, the weight varies—70 lbs., 105 lbs., and 140 lbs., respectively.

Privacy Fence Roll Color Options

When it comes to green privacy fence rolls, green is undeniably the most calming and preferred shade, symbolizing the essence of nature and tranquility in outdoor settings. Its widespread appeal lies in its ability to merge seamlessly with the natural surroundings, offering a visually soothing barrier that is as effective as it is attractive. Although green remains our staple and most sought-after color, reflecting the classic look of a well-maintained lawn, we recognize the diverse preferences of our customers. At present, we supply our privacy fence rolls in a uniform green color and style. However, we are open to exploring additional color options for those with specific requests or unique design visions. Customers desiring alternatives are encouraged to reach out to us, though it's important to note our current focus on offering a single, uniform green color.

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Privacy Fence Roll Dimension Options

4'x32' 4'x32' Height: 4 feet | Length: 32 feet
6'x32' 6'x32' Height: 6 feet | Length: 32 feet
8'x32' 8'x32' Height: 8 feet | Length: 32 feet

Privacy Fence Rolls Dimension Options

Our artificial grass fence roll comes in a variety of dimensions tailored to meet different needs and preferences. Specifically designed for versatility, our privacy fence rolls are available in three heights: the more compact 4-ft tall privacy fence rolls for modest coverage, the mid-range 6-ft tall privacy fence rolls for standard privacy needs, and the imposing 8-ft tall privacy fence rolls for maximal privacy and security. Each roll extends up to 32 feet in length, accommodating a broad range of fencing projects. The weight of these rolls varies according to their height, starting at 70 lbs for the 4-ft option, moving to 105 lbs for the 6-ft, and reaching 140 lbs for the 8-ft tall rolls. This range ensures that regardless of your specific requirements, there is a privacy fence roll dimension that fits your needs, balancing ease of installation with comprehensive coverage.

How to Install Privacy Fence Roll?

Installing artificial fence roll is a straightforward process that varies slightly depending on the type of existing fence. Here’s how:

  • Installation on chain link fence: Stretch the privacy chain link fence roll over the chain link fence with the desired tension to avoid sagging. Use hog rings, C rings, or zip ties at regular intervals for a secure attachment.
  • Installation on Wooden Fence: Place the grass wall against the wooden fence and secure it with staples or U-shape nails, ensuring they are evenly spaced and firmly attached.
  • Installation on Vinyl Fence: For privacy vinyl fences, utilize special U-shaped nails or, for rail-type vinyl fences, employ Grasstik wire and zip ties for a secure fit.
  • Installation on Metal Fence: Attach the faux grass wall to metal fences using zip ties for simplicity or drill bits for pilot holes and screws for enhanced durability in windy conditions.
  • Installation on Concrete Walls: Fake grass installation on concrete walls involves screw hooks drilled into the wall, offering a lush, green appearance with minimal maintenance required.

Grasstik Privacy Fence Roll Application Areas

Whether you're looking to install on a chain-link fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, wrought iron fence, concrete wall fence, or between two posts, Grasstik privacy rolls offer unparalleled flexibility. The product's design accommodates a variety of installation surfaces, making it a versatile choice for any setting.

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Chain-link Fence Installation

For enhancing a regular chain-link fence with Grasstik privacy rolls, the installation process is both quick and uncomplicated. Contrary to weaving methods, the Grasstik rolls are designed to directly attach to the existing chain-link fence. You can use a variety of fasteners such as zip ties, C-rings, hog rings, standard wires, or Grasstik wires, based on your needs and the tools you have at hand. This streamlined approach not only ensures a secure fit but also allows for a natural and harmonious integration of the Grasstik privacy roll with your existing chain-link fence. The result is a sturdy, visually appealing fence that also serves as an effective privacy screen.

Cover your wood fences with Grasstik Privacy Fencing

Wood Fence Installation

For those looking to enhance a wooden fence with Grasstik privacy rolls, installation is incredibly straightforward yet effective. Utilize a staple gun to swiftly secure the Grasstik roll directly onto the wooden slats. For added durability, you may also consider using screw hooks anchored into pre-drilled holes. This two-step fastening process not only simplifies installation but also provides a robust, long-lasting addition to your wooden fence.

Wrought Iron Fence Installation

For installing Grasstik privacy rolls on a more elegant structure like a wrought iron fence, a meticulous approach is essential. In such cases, it's advisable to use zip ties, specialized Grasstik wires, or even fine-gauge wire to carefully fasten the roll to the iron bars. This ensures that the inherent beauty of your wrought iron fence is enhanced, rather than overshadowed, by the addition of the Grasstik privacy roll.

Concrete Wall Fence Installation

When it comes to installing Grasstik privacy rolls on a concrete wall, a careful approach ensures a sturdy and reliable outcome. Begin by using a masonry drill bit to create pre-drilled holes in the concrete wall. These holes will act as the foundation for plastic anchors that provide additional stability. After inserting the plastic anchors into the pre-drilled holes, you can then proceed to fasten screw hooks into these anchors. This creates a secure base to which you can easily attach the Grasstik roll. It's essential to use a drill bit specifically designed for concrete surfaces to ensure that the anchors are securely set, thus guaranteeing a robust and lasting installation.

Vinyl Fence Installation

When dealing with vinyl fences, the installation of Grasstik privacy rolls requires a bit more attention to detail. Standard manual staples won't provide the secure hold you need. Instead, opt for a pneumatic stapler that can firmly attach the Grasstik rolls to the vinyl surface. If you prefer an alternative, consider utilizing specialized plastic screw hooks. These are designed to easily penetrate the vinyl without causing any structural damage, ensuring that your privacy roll remains securely in place while preserving the integrity of your vinyl fence.

Between Two Posts Installation

If your installation plan involves positioning the Grasstik roll between two posts, the process is remarkably straightforward yet ensures maximum durability. You can opt for Grasstik wire, standard wire, or even chain-link fence accessories to lace through the end loops of the roll. This provides a versatile base for securing the roll to the posts. For added stability and to withstand varying weather conditions, it's advisable to use additional zip ties or hog rings. These extra fasteners ensure that the roll remains tightly secured, delivering both aesthetic appeal and reliable privacy between the designated posts.

How Durable Is Privacy Fence Roll?

The durability of a roll privacy fence is unparalleled, thanks to its construction from a combination of chain link fence and artificial grass. These materials ensure the product is not only durable against physical wear and tear but also protected from UV rays, fire, and wind. The artificial grass component is specifically designed to withstand the elements, maintaining its color and integrity over time. This makes Grasstik privacy fence rolls an ideal long-term investment for enhancing privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal in any outdoor space.

Features of Privacy Fence Roll

  • Washable: The privacy roll fence is effortlessly maintained through simple washing with a regular hose. In regions that receive ample rainfall, the natural precipitation serves as an automatic cleaning system, thereby eliminating the necessity for manual upkeep.
  • Flame Retardant: Grasstik fences are crafted from materials that resist flames, ensuring safety. In case of fire, these fences won't propagate the flames but will instead melt, thereby minimizing fire risks. Note, however, in flammable structures, Grasstik's fire-retardant properties cannot halt fire progression.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, Grasstik fences can be installed quickly using common tools. This feature makes them an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts, fitting a variety of fence types within about 30 minutes.
  • Aesthetic Look: Beyond their functional benefits, Grasstik fences significantly boost the visual appeal of any area. Their lush green appearance provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere, enhancing the aesthetic value of properties.
  • Privacy: Offering superior privacy, the dense construction of Grasstik fences prevents outside visibility, ideal for creating secluded spaces in numerous settings.
  • UV Protected: With built-in UV protection, Grasstik fences maintain their vibrant green color over time, resisting the fading effects of sunlight exposure.
  • Wind Resistant: The unique chain-link structure of these fences ensures they stand firm against wind, avoiding the pushback that other fences may exhibit, without requiring alterations to the structure for wind flow.
  • No-maintenance cost: Grasstik fences are a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution, requiring no irrigation or gardening, thereby providing long-term savings.

Where is Privacy Fence Roll Used?

  • House Privacy Fences: Grasstik fence privacy roll provides homeowners with the peace of mind of enhanced privacy and security, creating a secluded haven within residential properties.
  • Garden Privacy Fences: In gardens, these privacy rolls serve as both a decorative and functional element, offering a green backdrop that complements the natural setting while ensuring privacy from neighbors.
  • Pool Privacy Fences: Around pools, Grasstik rolls add a layer of privacy, allowing for a more intimate and secure swimming environment, free from external disturbances.
  • School Privacy Fences: For schools, these fences create a secure perimeter that protects students from outside visibility, contributing to a safer learning environment.
  • Playground Privacy Fences: On playgrounds, privacy rolls provide a secluded and safe play area for children, shielding them from external views and potential distractions.
  • Shopping Mall Privacy Fences: These fences can enhance the aesthetics of shopping mall exteriors while offering privacy to the shopping areas and outdoor spaces.
  • Park Privacy Fences: In parks, Grasstik rolls contribute to a more private and tranquil atmosphere, making the outdoor experience more enjoyable for visitors.
  • Sport Field Privacy Fences: For sports fields, they ensure a distraction-free zone for athletes and spectators, offering both privacy and a wind-resistant barrier.
  • Pickleball Privacy Fences: Specifically, for pickleball courts, these fences provide a secluded play area, enhancing concentration and overall play experience.
  • Farm Privacy Fences: On farms, privacy rolls not only improve aesthetics but also mark boundaries and restrict unwanted visibility, maintaining privacy and security.
  • Restaurant Privacy Fences: Restaurants benefit from these fences by creating private outdoor dining areas, enhancing the dining experience with a sense of exclusivity.
  • Roadside Privacy Fences: Alongside roads, Grasstik rolls can act as barriers to noise and sights, offering privacy and reducing distractions for properties facing roadways.
  • Military Facilities Privacy Fences: For military facilities, the added privacy and security of these fences are crucial in maintaining operational secrecy and security.
  • Warehouse and Factory Privacy Fences: Warehouses and factories use these rolls to secure their premises and limit visibility, ensuring operational privacy and security.

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Grasstik Privacy Fence Rolls FAQs

A unique fencing solution offering both privacy and aesthetics with minimal maintenance.

Weight varies by height, 4ft x 32ft; 70 lbs., 6ft x 32ft; 105 lbs., and 8ft x 32ft; 140 lbs.

Basic tools like zip ties, hog rings, staples, and a drill are required.

Available in 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft heights, all 32 ft long.

Currently, only one color is offered. Custom colors available for large projects.

Versatile enough for installation on multiple types of fences including wood, vinyl, chain-link, and concrete.

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Anthony Munoz
After searching around looking for a privacy fence, I came across Grass Wall USA. Their privacy fence is better than any standard faux ivy or screening, while providing thicker coverage. You also don’t have to worry about the faux leaves falling off. Very pleased with my purchase and installation was a breeze. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a privacy fence
Deborah Biedebach
I am so amazed at this product, and even more at the business owners. They were so kind, helpful and trustworthy. I have been searching online for other products to cover my chain-link fence for quite some time and I am so happy that I waited and went with this. It is perfect and it offers a lot more privacy than the other products. Amazing!
Thank you so much! They were very professional, hard working and very detailed. These guys were polite and they cleaned up the leftovers as well and made the outdoor area look AMAZING! I would definitely recommend them. Thanks again, I'm just amazed at how great everything looks.
Christine P
I had an amazing experience purchasing this wallgrass. My husband and I needed something to cover the ugly wire fence we had in the back, so this privacy fence served perfectly. Great quality and covers everything evenly. The owner John was great at giving us tips on how to install it properly. Would highly recommend!
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