Privacy Fence Panel

What Are Privacy Fence Panel?

Grasstik Privacy Fence Panels serve as multi-functional outdoor privacy screens, offering not just enhanced seclusion but also acting as effective security and privacy barriers. These panels are more than just functional; they add a stylish flair to your outdoor space, complementing its overall design. Constructed from robust chain-link material, these panels are both portable and user-friendly. This design ensures that setting up or taking down the panels is an easy process, making them highly versatile for various applications.

Grasstik Grass Fence Panels elevate the concept of privacy panels for fences by blending aesthetics with functionality. These innovative privacy panels for chain link fence solutions not only shield your outdoor areas from prying eyes but also integrate seamlessly with the natural environment, thanks to their grass-like appearance. Ideal for residential or commercial spaces looking to enhance their exterior privacy without sacrificing style, these panels are designed for durability and ease of maintenance. Their unique construction allows for air to flow freely, reducing the chance of wind damage while maintaining a natural, breathable outdoor space. This makes Grasstik's solutions a standout choice for anyone looking to combine the practicality of privacy fence panels with the beauty of natural landscapes.

Moreover, we offer flexible installation options to suit your needs. You can either choose to have us install your Grasstik Privacy Fence onto existing chain-link fence panels, or if you prefer a more hands-on approach, we provide the panels for you to install yourself or we can provide you a ready-to-go privacy panel. The DIY installation is straightforward and utilizes the same chain-link fence installation methods you would use for standard chain-link fences. This flexibility allows you to easily integrate Grasstik privacy fence with artificial grass into your existing outdoor space, without any hassle.

Benefits of using Privacy Fence Panels

  • Portability: These panels come in manageable sizes, making it convenient for you to carry them around. At least two people are required for this task, ensuring the process is smooth and efficient.
  • Expandability: If you have a larger area to cover, you can effortlessly attach multiple panels together, creating a seamless privacy fence.
  • Ease of Installation: Unlike traditional fences that require complex installation procedures, Grasstik panels leverage the simplicity of chain-link installation, making the whole process a lot easier.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: These grass wall panels enhance the visual aspects of your outdoor space, ensuring that function and style go hand in hand.

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Privacy Fence Panel Dimension Options

4x10 4x10 Height: 4 feet | Length: 10 feet
6x10 6x10 Height: 6 feet | Length: 10 feet
8x10 8x10 Height: 8 feet | Length: 10 feet

Grasstik Privacy Fence Panels Dimension Options

To accommodate a variety of needs, our Grasstik Privacy Fence Panels are available in three distinct dimensions: 4ftx10ft for those in search of a modest enclosure, 6ftx10ft for a balanced combination of height and length, and 8ftx10ft for maximum privacy and security. Each size is specifically designed to offer optimal stability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your outdoor space not only gains enhanced privacy but also looks visually appealing. For the sake of stability, we recommend not exceeding panel lengths of 10 feet, regardless of whether you're opting for 4-ft tall privacy fence panels, 6-ft tall privacy fence panels, or 8-ft tall privacy fence panels.

Privacy Fence Panel Color Options – Uniform Green Color

Green, symbolizing tranquility, emerges as the most serene hue for fencing privacy panels. Its natural affinity offers a peaceful and visually appealing backdrop, enhancing any outdoor setting. Unsurprisingly, this hue dominates our selection of fake grass fence panels, reflecting its popularity and the desire for a connection with nature. While green reigns supreme, we acknowledge the richness of personal preferences and design needs. For those envisioning a palette beyond our standard green, we invite discussions on bespoke color options. Our grass fencing panels are adaptable, allowing for a tailored approach to match your unique design ethos or to cultivate a distinctive outdoor oasis. Although our current offerings consist of a consistent green shade and pattern across all Grasstik privacy fences, we are open to exploring custom color solutions for large-scale orders, ensuring your fencing reflects your unique style and requirements.

How to Install Privacy Fence Panels

Installing these panels is a breeze, and we offer multiple options:

  • Grasstik DIY Option: If you prefer a hands-on approach or making a cheap privacy fence panel, you can use fasteners like zip ties, hog rings, or other sturdy options to attach your Grasstik grass fence onto your chain link panels.
  • Customization Option: We offer customization services to suit your specific fencing needs. Whether you already have a chain-link fence panel or require a new one, we can facilitate both scenarios.
  • Ready-to-go Panels: For those who wish to avoid the hassle of installation, we offer pre-installed privacy panels that you can simply set up and enjoy.  

What are the Features of Grasstik Privacy Fence Panel?

Grasstik Privacy Fence Panels are not just an ordinary addition to your outdoor spaces; they are a comprehensive solution designed to address multiple needs, from enhancing privacy to adding aesthetic value. At the heart of these panels are two key components: artificial grass fence panels and a robust chain-link fence. This innovative combination offers a dual benefit of privacy and greenery, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient and visually appealing outdoor privacy solution. The grass fence panels serve as a testament to Grasstik's commitment to quality and functionality, ensuring that customers receive a product that meets their needs for privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. With features designed to withstand various outdoor conditions, the Grasstik privacy panel fence stands out as a versatile and durable choice for both residential and commercial settings.

Features include:

  • UV Protection: Each privacy panel fence is treated to be UV protected, ensuring that the vibrant green color does not fade over time.
  • Fire Retardant Material: The artificial grass material contains fire retardant components, offering an added layer of safety by preventing fire spread.
  • Wind Resistance: The inherent design of the privacy panels for chain link fence allows for exceptional wind resistance, making it suitable for windy locations.
  • No Maintenance Cost: Cleaning is hassle-free; a normal hose is all that's needed, and regular rainfall can naturally keep the panels clean.
  • Portability: Designed for easy transport, these panels can be moved by at least two people, simplifying the installation and repositioning process.
  • Expandability: For those with larger areas to cover, connecting multiple panels is straightforward, ensuring a continuous privacy barrier.
  • Ease of Installation: Leveraging the simplicity of chain-link fences, these panels can be installed without the complexities often associated with traditional fencing solutions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functionality, Grasstik panels enhance the visual appeal of any space, blending seamlessly with natural and man-made landscapes alike.

Where to Use Grasstik Privacy Fence Panels

These panels can serve multiple purposes in a variety of settings:

  • Residential Properties: They make a perfect addition to backyards, patios, and gardens.
  • Commercial Areas: These panels are excellent for demarcating spaces in restaurants, cafes, or retail stores.
  • Construction Sites: Use them to secure the perimeter and block visibility from outsiders.
  • Public Spaces: Ideal for use in parks, zoos, or recreational areas to separate specific sections.
  • Event Venues: They are perfect for events like concerts and fairs, where you need to create dedicated spaces.
  • Indoor Spaces: Some people use these panels to divide large indoor areas into smaller, more manageable spaces.
  • Security Barriers: These panels can be reinforced to serve as high-risk security barriers.
  • Educational Facilities: They can help create distinct outdoor areas in schools for different age groups or activities.
  • Temporary Installations: These panels are excellent for temporary setups like exhibitions or emergency zones.

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Grasstik Privacy Fence Panels FAQs

A Grasstik Privacy Fence Panel is a chain-link structure designed for providing privacy and security in outdoor and some indoor spaces.

The weight varies depending on the size but is designed for easy transport by at least two people.

Common fasteners like zip ties and hog rings are usually sufficient for the installation process.

Panels are available in sizes of 4ftx10ft, 6ftx10ft, and 8ftx10ft.

No, Grasstik panels come in only one color for uniformity.

Grasstik Privacy Fence Panels are specifically designed for chain-link fences.

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Anthony Munoz
After searching around looking for a privacy fence, I came across Grass Wall USA. Their privacy fence is better than any standard faux ivy or screening, while providing thicker coverage. You also don’t have to worry about the faux leaves falling off. Very pleased with my purchase and installation was a breeze. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a privacy fence
Deborah Biedebach
I am so amazed at this product, and even more at the business owners. They were so kind, helpful and trustworthy. I have been searching online for other products to cover my chain-link fence for quite some time and I am so happy that I waited and went with this. It is perfect and it offers a lot more privacy than the other products. Amazing!
Thank you so much! They were very professional, hard working and very detailed. These guys were polite and they cleaned up the leftovers as well and made the outdoor area look AMAZING! I would definitely recommend them. Thanks again, I'm just amazed at how great everything looks.
Christine P
I had an amazing experience purchasing this wallgrass. My husband and I needed something to cover the ugly wire fence we had in the back, so this privacy fence served perfectly. Great quality and covers everything evenly. The owner John was great at giving us tips on how to install it properly. Would highly recommend!
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