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    People are searching for various methods to protect the places where they live and spend time and to achieve an eye-catching landscape. It becomes very important to spend time in safe and at the same time appealing places. Creating areas where you can spend your time well is now easier with Grasstik grass fences.

    With its magnificent design and elegance, these artificial grass fences always lead the race compared to their competitors. You can easily install in minutes without any help. We attach great importance to quality and design in our grass fence services. You can also apply to grass privace fences to live in safe areas and aesthetically pleasing places. It integrates with nature and creates indispensable modern spaces with its visuality.


    People often want to live in a safe and private circle. Wouldn't you like to spend time in the place you want and as you want with Grasstik artificial privacy grass fences? It is used in areas such as Home Gardens, Pool Sides, Play Grounds, Patios, Cafes, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Sport Areas, Hospitals, Hotels, School Gardens, Warehouses, Parks, Parking Lots, Factories, Military Areas, Terrains, Road Sides.


    • With the flexibility of its green color, it adapts to everywhere.
    • It offers an eye-catching view with its modern look.
    • Grass fence panels are applied in different sizes and heights.
    • A soothing and serene feeling given by the color brings freshness to the environments.
    • Modern fake privacy walls are incredibly vibrant, safe, and impressive solutions that give unforgettable moments.


    • Washable
    • Flame Resistant
    • Easy Installation
    • Security
    • Aesthetic Look
    • Water Proof
    • Privacy
    • Natural Look
    • Low Cost
    • Strong Material
    • UV Protection
    • No Gardener Cost

    All things considered, don't waste your time and cross paths with Grasstik Privacy Fences to get the life you desire, where you can spend the rest of your life well.

    Grass fence wall is fake artificial grass that can be laid on walls, fences or directly in living areas, providing both privacy and an aesthetic appearance. Although these grass walls have been increasing in popularity recently, it seems that they will increase even more in the coming days.

    We firmly believe that Grass privacy fences will add color to your life as it is a source of peace and tranquility stemming from its color along with its aesthetic appearance. Grasstik grass walls have become indispensable for architects and designers who has impeccable taste. Moreover, since you will no longer look at iron and concrete piles,Grasstik fake grasses decrease the tiredness on your eyes that will look at the green, you will stay away from stress.

    Some of the benefits of using privacy fence panels in your homes or workplaces are that it saves you from pruning, irrigation, ventilation, fertilization and the drudgery of gardening. In this way, you will allocate your time correctly, take firm steps towards a happy future. Moreover, grasstik fence walls function smoothly for years.

    In order to add fun to your boring life, you can lay your balconies with artificial grass, not pampas grass, and create privacy grass walls. Thus, you have created a unique environment from nature and created a natural habitat for yourself without lawn moving drudgery.


    Grass is a type of plant that is normally grown after the seed is placed in the soil and after irrigation, fertilization and various kinds of care are applied. Of course, natural grass is good, but it takes time to grow and the cost is quite high. Artificial grass walls come into play here, both in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If you want to transform your homes and workplaces into more livable, more tranquil and peaceful places with Grasstik quality, just contact us. It is possible to find this product in the market, but it is not possible to find an easy-to-install grass wall that is both cost-efective and high quality and durable against years of crushing.


    Privacy is the phenomenon that an individual or a community wants to remain confidential and does not want it to be known or seen by anyone else. It is a shield of protection against another's eye. It is the most natural right of people to be sensitive to privacy. In this context, it is used in their homes, pools, sports fields, factories, hospitals, etc. It is quite natural that people want privacy in places and take precautions based on it. Grasstik privacy fence cares about privacy and produces solutions to protect this sensitivity. Grass privacy fence don't make concessions from aesthetic appearance.


    Although there are many manufacturers producing artificial grass fence, we seem to hear you say why we should choose Grasstik grass fence. Customer satisfaction is one of the most valuable issues for us. Although we have not received any negative feedback so far, we continue on our way by increasing gears with each passing day. We market artificial grass fence with the highest level of empathy with the customers we come into contact with.

    Grass fences can be used in all seasons, in snow, rain, wind, hail, and hose. Grasstik grass fence walls can be easily cleaned with its washable feature which saves you from extra cleaning costs. Fire sometimes occurs as a natural disaster and sometimes as a human origin. Such disasters can damage property and life. The flame-resistant feature of Grasstik grass fence is that the part that comes into contact with the fire does not transfer or transmit the flame to other areas. This feature means that the product does not transfer the fire to another region through itself, fire does not spread over itself. When the product itself starts to burn from one side, it does not transmit the fire to the other part of the product. This is a feature that is completely related to the product itself, it does not have a feature such as protecting the applied area from fire. In the event of a fire, if the surface/place where the product is applied has a flammable feature (wood, etc.), our product cannot prevent the progression of the fire. The area where the product is applied may burn completely, but in this case, the product itself does not burn completely, it just melts. Even if you light our product with a lighter, , you will see that this flame goes out in a short time.

    Security is one of the most basic human needs, which is included in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. An artificial grass fence prevents some kinds of animals that may disturb you from entering your living space. Grass fence panels prevent the passage of animals such as dogs, and cats, with the strength and characteristics of the surface/place it is mounted on, but insects such as flies, insects, and reptiles such as snakes can pass through, under, or over our product. To measure the value of customer satisfaction, you can monitor customer experiences in the testimonials tab. We provide a high level of customer satisfaction by responding to your requests quickly, tailor-made and flexible. Your grass fence wall orders are delivered on time and are completed quickly. If you want, grass fence installation is done by us. You can install it yourself by watching the videos on our site.

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