Grasstik is an extremely durable modern fence developed using artificial grass and galvanized wire, combining security and privacy with a natural look.

It is not inflammable by its quality material.

No. Since Grasstik itself is a chain link fence, you don’t have to have a fence to install it. Please click here to see the usage areas and here to watch the installation tips.

No, it doesn't fade because of its UV protection feature.

It can be zip tied, wired or nailed on any existing fence.

It can be used in residential places and commercial businesses such as home gardens, patios, play grounds, schools, hospitals, military areas, restaurants, pools etc.

It can be used in all seasons. It is extremely weatherproof thanks to its superior material quality.

There are 8 ft, 16 ft or 32 ft length options.

No, Grasstik does not require any maintenance.

Yes it can be installed on wooden fence and concrete wall by using nails.

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