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Artificial grass wall

maintained by installing synthetic grass to panels or prefabricated privacy fence, bring the naturalness of green to the environment you are in, while excluding visibility from the inside out. With the security it offers, it prevents the prying eyes from bothering you and the unwanted entities that you do not want to enter.

Thanks to its easy-to-install feature, it is possible to achieve an eye-catching and spacious appearance with artificial grass wall in a short time. Grass walls made of galvanized wires are resistant to all kinds of adverse weather conditions and especially UV rays that cause fading. Likewise, its non-flammability is an important factor in its preference as privacy fence.

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With the comfort, spaciousness and security it provides, it is possible to see privacy fences in many different locations.

In restaurants, cafes, tennis courts, basketball courts, schools and terraces, it provides an extremely elegant appearance, unlike the cold stance of the wire mesh.

As a non-fading, spill-proof, washable and cleanable product it is increasingly preferred and easily installed.

Grass Wall used for many different areas including playgrounds, backyards, industrial areas, sports fields, hospitals, airports, residential and commercial areas and many more.

The grass chain-link fencing is becoming the best fence option for those who want to replace the old rusty fences.

It look certainly refreshing when you look at the green fence rather then old rusty one.

We all need to have our own privacy and thats when grass chain link fence comes in. It shields you from the view of passers by or a more elegant appearance.

The grass chain-link fencing might be the best option for you.


4 Feet H and 8 Feet L
4 Feet H and 16 Feet L
4 Feet H and 32 Feet L
6 Feet H and 8 Feet L
6 Feet H and 16 Feet L
6 Feet H and 32 Feet L


When it comes to privacy, Grass Wall meets your needs more than anything else. Nowaday, compacted city life style is not allowing to have it, but no worries that grass wall can make your space very private when you just install it around your garden, business, shool etc. It creates barrier between you and the outside world.



The wall of grass can make your life safer and ensure the safety of your garden, workplace, school, home, etc. Grass Wall acts as a barricade and prevents unwanted guests from entering or see through your property. It can be easily increased the deterrent feature by setting the Grass Wall at any height and the lenght.



Since the Grass Wall has a real grass appearance, it adds a natural atmosphere with its green color. It always preserves its natural appearance as it does not fade over time. It also reduces amount of water consumption. It does not require irrigation system like live lawns or gardening. Therefore, there is no care needs to be made once you install and nature friendly.


With its natural grass appearance,
it is frequently preferred in both residential and commercial sites.

home gardens

Home Gardens







pool sides

Pool Sides





parking lots

Parking Lots




Play Grounds

shopping malls

Shopping Malls

school gardens

School Gardens



road sides

Road Sides



sport areas

Sport Areas



military areas

Military Areas

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Product Features

With such a lot of years of experience in the industry, our company is your
supply for the highest quality and landscaping service.

1 washable
2 Flame Resistant
3 Easy Installation
4 Security
5 Aesthetic Look
6 Water Proof
7 Privacy
8 4 Seasons Usage
9 Lower Cost
10 Strong Material
11 UV Protection
12 No Gardener Cost


It is an artificial grass chain link fence that made from galvanized wire and artificial grass.

It can be used in residential places and commercial businesses such as home gardens, patios, play grounds, schools, hospitals, military areas, restaurants, pools etc.

It is not inflammable by its quality material.

It can be used in all seasons. It is durable for all season conditions.

Yes it can be installed on any existing fence or wall.

Yes. It can be used as a chain link fence if there is not any chain link fence. You can install it same as regular.

It is manufactured in 4ft and 6ft height as standard. There are 8ft, 16ft or 32ft options in length. The size of a roll is 4ftx32ft or 6ftx32ft. Please contact us for different measures.

Yes it can be cut by any size and can be attached together for longer areas.

No. Because of its UV protection feature it is not fadeble.

No there is no maintenance required.

It can be zip tied, wired or nailed on any existing fence.

Yes it can be installed on wooden fence and concrete wall by using nails.

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