How to Keep Artificial Grass Green?

    Today, many people prefer artificial grass or artificial tropical grass green wall over natural alternatives due to its easier maintenance and durability. One can keep artificial grass green for a long time without paying high water costs, mowing, or inspecting for pests regularly. However, although weeds or fungal diseases do not threaten artificial grass, it still needs attention and time to keep it green and clean for a long time. There are some unique needs for artificial grass. Luckily, you can easily take care of your artificial grass using a few gardening tools regularly. Let’s take a look at the tools first, and then you will learn more about how to keep the artificial grass green.

    When performing simple maintenance tasks, it’s essential to use the right equipment. There are a few handy tools to keep the artificial grass green.

    Artificial Grass Green Pegs

    You can use artificial grass pegs for securing artificial grass on the ground. They can prevent the grass from lifting.

    Artificial Grass Brush

    A turf brush or broom with synthetic bristles is one of the most vital tools to keep the artificial grass green. Repeated use of an area on your artificial grass usually ends up with trampled-down turf. Therefore, you are advised to use this turf brush to cross brush the spots or passages on which foot traffic is higher. A regular cross brushing will help the turf stand straight again.

    Plastic Rake

    Rakes provide us with easy leaf cleanup, especially in the fall. As for keeping the artificial grass green, they immensely help to keep the grass fresh and unmatted. However, you should not use a rake with metal bristles. Metal rakes or any rake with metal points can easily damage your artificial grass by ripping the mesh backing, and unfortunately, the damages are mostly permanent ones. Therefore, you are advised to use plastic or synthetic rakes rather than metal ones. Plastic or synthetic rakes can do the same job on artificial turf fibers in a gentler way.

    Electric Leaf Blower

    There are gas-powered leaf blowers and electric leaf blowers in the market. Gas-powered ones may not be a good idea due to the noise and fume it makes. Electric leaf blowers are as powerful as the gas-powered ones recently, and they are relatively silent and not releasing fume to your garden.

    Eco-Friendly Cleaner

    Although a simple hose helps in most cases, sometimes artificial grass accumulates stain or debris, which needs more than a simple hosing off. Eco-friendly cleaners offer harder cleaning for stubborn stains. However, you should avoid using abrasive or acidic chemicals to keep your artificial grass green for long years.

    Aside from having the right tools and materials, you should also know some care and maintenance tips to keep your artificial grass green. It would be best if you remembered that stains or spills on your artificial grass should be treated carefully since they will not grow out or mown away as on natural grass.

    You can use just water and household detergent for mild stains (cola, alcohol, blood, coffee, tea… etc.). Some stains don’t go away with simple water-detergent cleaning. They often involve more chemicals than everyday substances, and they are called stubborn stains (motor oil, grease, pen ink…etc.). If you have such stains, you can use mineral spirits to clean the stain after removing the excess liquid. Remember that you should be quick to deal with the stain so that it will go away easier.

    However, if it is a sticky stain or pet waste to remove, you are advised to wait for it to dry. When they are dried, it is much easier to remove them in most cases.

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