Synthetic Green Lawn: Then and Now

    Hotels, restaurants, sports fields, and many other commercial properties have been using synthetic for a long time. Recently, homeowners, as well, have started to consider green lawn synthetic as a more practical alternative to the natural grass.

    If you think of the early days of synthetic lawn, you will remember how ugly it was. It was still green yet rather unattractive and unnatural. Besides, it was too scratchy and abrasive, which gave more disturbance than joy when the kids played on it.

    Today, manufacturers of artificial grass consider the users’ comfort to a greater extent. They offersynthetic green lawnwith a more realistic look and texture thanks to better weaving technology.

    Today’s technology and innovation have made it possible to produce a synthetic green lawn with better lushness, increased durability, greater impact absorption, and more effective water drainage. In today’s modern synthetic turf world, the user’s comfort is considered a better weaving system to provide a realistic look and texture, lush softness, and increased durability.

    Considering the area that synthetic green lawn is to be used, the manufacturers also offer various solutions. They produce special types of synthetic green lawns for sports fields so that the artificial grass can absorb the impact and reduce the risk of injuries.

    Also, this type of grass installation requires more solid infrastructure comparing to the home type artificial grass. When it comes to installing green lawns in a garden, the synthetic green lawn companies offer amazing design ideas even, which would probably sound crazy in the early years of synthetic green lawn.

    Another development with the artificial grass industry is about the maintenance and tools used to maintain the green lawn. Back in the old days, artificial grass used to need much more watching over since they were highly vulnerable to tramping on them. Eventually, the owners had to patch the damaged parts or even completely renew the synthetic green lawn.

    However, today’s maintenance is basically about the aesthetic and hygiene of the grass. Durability is almost not an issue. The only thing a user should do is clean the leaves on the lawn and rake the lawn gently. The market offers plastic pointed rakes, artificial grass brushes, eco-friendly cleaners…etc. For the gentle care of artificial grass.

    Some Points To Be Clarified

    Despite the remarkable development of the artificial grass industry, some points are still considered by the users or potential users.

    No Maintenance?

    You should keep in mind that a synthetic green lawn doesn’t mean that there is no maintenance at all. Though synthetic green lawn needs significantly less maintenance than the natural one, you should still clean it when you spill something on it or the leaves get piled up on the turf.

    Are Infills Healthy?

    Another issue is the infills applied to the deep ends of the grass to keep the surface softer. Even today, some infills are made of harmful materials, although there are health-friendly options. Therefore, you should seek healthy alternatives when it comes to infills.

    Is DIY Possible?

    Luckily, many DIY videos on the internet might help you while installing synthetic green lawn yourself, and you can save some money. However, you are still advised to watch more than one tutorial to get familiar with the potential problems on the way. Also, keep in mind that professional planning might still save you more time and money if you are unsure what or how much material you should buy for your garden.

    If you need professional help from a green lawn company, you can contact us.

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